ĒMAGEN, pronounced "imagine" is an acronym for our mission of empowering a generation.

ĒMAGEN has developed holographic technology that enriches the student learning experience and improves student engagement.

You are watching this on a 2D screen. In real-life this professor and the content appear fully 3D without glasses or a headset.
  1. Create next-generation content that is hyper-immersive & engaging.
  2. Display that content holographically for in-person learning, and livestream it for online learning.
  3. Broadcast faculty and leadership across multiple campuses simultaneously.
  4. Bring in global presenters for a fraction of the typical cost.

Facilitate professors simultaneously teaching across multiple campuses live or pre-recorded. Additionally, holographic technology enables professors to enrich the learning experience with 3D CGI and dynamic backgrounds.

Imagine creating live events for your students, faculty and alumni by bringing in world-class speakers for a fraction of the typical cost.

Today's Online Learning
Today's online learning experience typically looks like this - a bunch of talking heads.

Even on a laptop/desktop 2D display!

Tomorrow's online learning will look like this!

Over the past four years, some of the world's biggest brands in pharma, finance and entertainment have been using this holographic technology to do live presentations in multiple countries simultaneously.

We have custom-engineered proven and rock solid holographic technology exclusively for educational institutions.

Academic Advisory Board

Institutions have not been able to leverage holograms. Here's why:

• One-time presentations cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
• Each production takes a day of setup and teardown, resulting in significant downtime for auditoriums.
• Permanent installations take up valuable real-estate that institutions are using for other functions.
• Creating holographic content requires a team of professionals.

Custom-engineered 30 foot wide holographic displays live in the ceilings of lecture halls and auditoriums. This means our holographic installations have zero footprint.

Additionally, by making our technology appear and disappear with the push of a button we have made experiencing holograms effortless, and downtime between presentations non-existent.

Many professors struggle to adapt and leverage new technologies.

With ĒMAGEN, professors can create holographic content without needing a team of professionals. Our capture studio instantly records and broadcasts, making it easy for professors and students to be a hologram.

Content creation is as easy as uploading your powerpoint file - something every professor already does. Appearing as a life-size holograms in front of a gigantic 30 ft wide 3D canvas enables professors to take teaching to a whole new level!
ĒMAGEN offers affordable solutions transforming your institution into the learning university of tomorrow. Contact us for pricing.

We are looking for tomorrow's leading content creators - innovative institutions that want to create, collaborate and leverage holograms.

Curious? To learn more about the magic of holograms or explore how your institution can leverage holographic technology, please email holograms@emagen.org to schedule a meeting.